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Who We Are:
ACHILE ZIBI - THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONFIDENCE is an independent company located in Bern, Switzerland.

Mr. Achille Zibi is independent from any alliance or cooperation agreement with third parties.

Important Legal Information:

ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE is a Swiss company and is subject to Swiss and international law.
We refer in particular to the Swiss Civil Code, the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Swiss Criminal Code.

Mr. Achille Zibi and his business partners involved in any ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE's Company are acting in Good Faith and in accordance of a Mutual Expression of Intent.

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What We Do:

The Achille Zibi Business Model works 100%
Profit/Return = {(Application Fee • X) ÷ Bonus Rate} − Application Fee
© - Achille Zibi - This formula represents The Achille Zibi Business Model 1.2. All Rights Reserved.

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We offer a fast 75% profit opportunity to highly skilled and motivated sellers and investors.

This is my offer:

1) Open your personal Thank You For Your Confidence Account.
(cost: 1'000'000.- CHF / one million Swiss Francs.)

2) Invite other people to open their personal accounts at
(I pay you 750'000.- CHF each time a new account is opened thanks to you.)

Risk: if you are not able to find new investors, you earn NO bonus.
Benefit: I pay you 750'000.- CHF each time a new account is opened thanks to you.

Thank You For Your Confidence. - Achille Zibi -

Achille Zibi - Founder & Chairman

I am the founder of several start-up companies. A healthy financial department is essencial in any comapny. I do not consider myself an expert of investmets, but a student in this field.

In the last twentyfive years I had the chance to learn a lot from many incredible teachers, and from my own business experiences. My first trading experience I can remember, is about when I was 13 years old in the 90's, waking up around 6:00am, and then going by train from Bellinzona to Locarno, just to be in front of the Swatch store before its opening at 8:00am, in order to buy some of their new hits at the original prize, before they were sold out. And then going back to Bellinzona to sell them to another watch store and earn my 150% profit.

Now .. business school teachers. What is your business about ? Why are you in this business ? One does not need to follow hundred of business lectures in my oppinion.

In the IT business, I can't forget to thank Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Tim Berners-Lee. I must add Donald Trump to this list, even if from him I learned more about real estate, he is relevant here as well. This people did not only provide me some wonderful tools to work with, they also gave me precious advices.

In the investment business, I will suggest you listen to what Mr Warren Buffet has to say. He just told me: "Make me an offer.".

As a final point of this little presentation about my business background I want you to remember that:
"No deal is better than a bad deal." they say. And in a business relationship there is maybe nothing worse than the betrayal of trust; you don't wanna do that. You don't wanna cheat on your business partner.
Thank You For Your Confidence. - Achille Zibi -

Achille Zibi is the Sole Owner of Thank You For Your Confidence
(Achille Zibi owns the 100% of Thank You For Your Confidence).

Founded in 2019 by Achille Zibi.